Sculpture ispired to Ferrari 250 GTO


Because we chose it
1962, Enzo Ferrari does not yet know that he built the car that would become the Mona Lisa of the four wheels.
This engineering masterpiece does not need particular introduction.
The 250 GTO won everything it could and at the same time it also had that timeless beauty that still continues to warm the hearts of fans.
From the records of the race circuits it has passed over the years to those of the auctions, today in fact it is the most expensive car in the world.

Solid Okumè wood, made from a single piece of wood. At the bottom there is a 1 cm thick glass disk to show the wood surrounded by an aluminum plate.

Realization technique
Machine aid with numerical control and careful and elaborate manual finishing.

Airbrushed with varnishes and vehicle refinishing products and polished by hand.

Body paint code: Ferrari HELBLAU 137610, Ferrari GIALLO MODENA 231259.

The sculpture respects the macroforms of the Ferrari 250 GTO and is in 1/12 scale.

Limited series of 36 pieces
On the bottom there is a laser engraving directly on the wood which guarantees the limited production of the artwork.

Sculturia Cars signed box with internal laser-shaped sponge specifically for this artwork.

The box contains a crystal prism with “Ferrari 250 GTO” written, it also contains an information booklet with a description of the work and our philosophy.

Certificate of authenticity stamped and signed by the artists.